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360 degrees of Design

Spire Planter is the product of a well-tested design process. Spire Planter takes height and radial measurements of over 120 different varieties of indoor and outdoor plants into consideration.

Our design journey involved testing 23 prototypes to arrive at the optimal structure and two sizes, along with equally extensive research to find the right materials and manufacturers that can uphold our high execution and design standards.


The built-in Water Reservoir allows the plants to access water when they need it.

Our Self Watering System is produced in 100% recycled plastic - Polypropylene.

Spire planter_product_description.jpg



Simply water the plants, the built-in water reservoir will keep excess water stored at the bottom of the planter.

Lacking a Green Thumb?

Don't worry, we have made it even easier for you to keep your beloved plants green and healthy.

As the Spire Planter challenges the way we care for plants, the principle of growing plants upwards is a time-tested method for keeping plants healthy and abundant.

By studying the techniques and methods of industrial agriculture we have been able to develop a self-watering system that can be added to all Spire Planters to ensure the optimal conditions are maintained at all times.


Watering your plants has never been easier!
Simply water through the top tube

The self-watering functions like a sink overflow. When water has filled the enlarged reservoir, it will flow onto the below planter.

When water has filled up all planters, water will be visible in the included saucer.


The self-watering system works on both stacked and single planters.


Choose your color of choice:

Spire planter_colors.jpg
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