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About us

The word ’‘Spire’‘ in English can relate to both the highest point on a building or, in Danish, a young plant.

The dual meaning relates to Spire's dual purpose as both ’‘a functional product’‘ and ’‘a beautiful object’‘.


Before humans evolved and started gathering in large cities, we lived with nature. In small settlements, we hunted, and we mastered agriculture. We lived like this for more than 100,000 years but, in the last 100 years, our lives have changed dramatically.  


We are farther from nature than we have ever been, and our public and private spaces are more and more deprived of plants, contributing to chronic unhappiness, stress, and poorer quality of air.  While our homes are now smaller than ever, there has been no innovation in the options for growing plants indoors – traditional single planters that take up a lot of valuable space. The more plants you want, the less space is left.

We thought there had to be a better way to bring plants into people’s lives. To create the best possible design, we researched how people live and interact with nature in city life, whether in their homes or workspaces. We noted how, as humans, we like to collect and store things in a logical way making use of vertical stacking to – shelves or boxes stacked on top of each other – maximize storage with as little footprint as possible. This sense of order not only makes sense, but it’s also visually pleasing.


Up is the way to go. So lets’ do the same with plants!

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